Relationship between skin problems and allergies

If you have skin problems
It is known that what adheres to that part becomes an allergen and causes a food allergy.
This is a major factor in the sudden onset of allergies even in adults.

Adults, of course,
It’s really scary for kids with sensitive skin.

Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of skin problems during hair removal
1. Avoid excessive stimulation
2. Sufficient moisturizing
These are the minimum required.

There is no point if hair loss causes skin problems
As we always tell you,
Not only is it pointless, but it’s even more risky.

Hair removal for beautiful skin and simply eliminating unwanted hair seem similar, but there is a big difference.

Even if you lose your hair, you will definitely regret it if you develop skin problems or allergies in exchange for it.

Our mission is to make everyone smile every day.
You must absolutely avoid things that make your smile disappear with your hair.

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