First time hair removal for girls

Girls start to be conscious of body hair from the upper grades of elementary school.
And when most girls become junior high school students, they start to take care of their unwanted hair.

A woman’s body undergoes major hormonal changes at several times in her life, resulting in thicker hair.

The first is during puberty, the second is during childbirth, and the third is during menopause.

Hair removal is highly recommended for growing girls

The reason for this is that, just like the body, this period also corresponds to the period of growth of the mind.
The worries and problems of this period have a great influence on character development.

It’s my experience
Originally I had thick body hair, and I was also suffering from atopy.
When I shaved my unwanted hair, it made my atopic dermatitis worse.
However, when I stopped shaving, I started to worry about unwanted hair again.

I was in puberty, so I was very worried
Because of that, I was not good at going out in front of people and being proactive.
There was a feeling of resistance to being seen by people
Lack of self-confidence and embarrassment interfere with thinking and acting
Even in class meetings, speaking up has become stressful.

back to the topic,
Most junior high school girls worry about unwanted hair and start self-treatment

Please bring me to the hair removal experience at this time
Experienced staff will thoroughly examine her skin and hair condition.

Why Dione is good for children(Link)

Anyway, it is a principle to deal with adolescent troubles early
Elimination of worries and anxieties leads to self-confidence and self-affirmation
And it brings a positive attitude, a bright smile, and a healthy personality formation.

Removing an adolescent’s worries doesn’t take away the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.
It is necessary to acquire a positive and bold problem-challenging attitude.

Let us help your child during their most important moments

To reduce the number of girls who have troubles like mine
that’s my mission


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