Introduction of the Dione Hachinohe

Dione Hachinohe is a hair removal salon located in the city of Hachinohe.

Located on the 2nd floor of Hotel Ilviare Hachinohe Annex, Muikamachi Parking is available free of charge.

The menu includes hair removal, pore cleansing, and bacterium peeling.

We offer light hair removal.

The best feature is that there is little pain during the treatment and it is low stimulation.
Even those with sensitive skin can take it with confidence.

It is hypoallergenic and does not cause skin troubles such as inflammation, so it is especially popular for delicate zones, facial hair removal, and children’s hair removal.

On the 1st floor, we also have THE ADDRESS Hachinohe store, which is a hair restoration and men’s hair removal store.

Hair restoration is a course menu that includes shampoo, scalp cleaning, hair restorer, scalp massage, stem cell culture solution, and scalp condition check with a microscope before and after treatment.

Through hair removal and hair growth, we will support our customers to have a positive feeling and to spend their days with a smile.

Dione Hachinohe

The address Hachinohe

Parking (you can get free ticket)