Gents! let’s get the brilliant skin!

Hair removal salon “Dione” in Hachinohe city.

We have a room not only women but for men.
There is a salon named “The address” for men on ground floor.

Most of men choice hair removal cream or wax.
But what you want is the beauty skin don’t you?
Even if no hair, You couldn’t have wanted hurt and rough skin.
You should have wanted beautiful and trouble-free skin.

Our method provide you the hypoallergenic smooth hair removal.
It relieves you from pain and rough skin during hair removal.

Now, let’s get a sophisticated skin by a sophisticated way.

In addition, we have a Hair growth menu.
You can get remove unfavorable hair and grow necessary hair.

Our aim is you get the Lifestyle habits for the healthy hair.
It begins with 80% salon care and 20% home care.
Then gradually you get the skill of selfcare.
Finally, you can keep your healthy scalp.
Of course our salon care produce boost the effects.

Genarally speaking, It takes twice as long as the neglected time to recover the amount of hair.
The earlier you start,the higher the cost effectiveness.

Don’t get lost and let’s take action right away!

The address Hachinohe

Parking (you can get free ticket)